Coats for the Community

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Coats in bags
The beginning . . .

The Ladies of Charity annual Coats for the Community serving the residents of Cohoes, Watervliet, Waterford and Green Island was held on Friday, October 25 and October 26, 2019 at the Cohoes Senior Center.  The ensuing cold weather held off just long enough for the residents to receive coats to keep them warm during the cold winter months.

This year we served 196 households during the two day coat drive.  This includes coats for infants through senior citizens.  The shoppers were happy and grateful for the cold weather wear that they received.

. . . the middle . . .

We want to thank the Cohoes Senior Center, the Mayor’s office, the Cohoes Senior Housing Authority and all of our faithful volunteers.  The volunteers publicized, collected, transported, sorted, displayed and helped the shoppers select coats.  Also, a special thank you to the men that moved the coat racks, assembled the racks and then took them down and transported them to storage for us.

Beth and I want to thank all of you for your participation and support.  These efforts mean so much to these residents and help so much to improve the lives and comfort of the shoppers.  May God bless all of you for your participation in this important Ladies of Charity ministry.

Kathy Ryan and Beth McCrea

. . . the end!


Saturdays with the Sisters Halloween Party

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Once again, Mary Clinton planned and executed a fun-filled Halloween party for the Daughters during October’s Saturdays with the Sisters.  Games were played, scary monsters were made out of Play-Doh, BINGO games were won, and yummy treats were consumed by all.  The day concluded with the children trick or treating with the Sisters.  See below for some wonderful photos. Note: this was Sr. Mary Agnes’s first time playing with Play-Doh!


Fall Membership Mass and Dinner

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Our annual Fall Membership Mass and dinner was held on Tuesday, September 24.   Father Patrick Butler led us in a wonderful celebration of the feast of St. Vincent DePaul at DePaul House Chapel.  Fr. Robert Gielow concelebrated the Mass.  Fr. Gielow is the twin brother of the Spiritual Moderator for LCUSA, Fr. Richard Gielow.  

Sheila and Jean
Sheila Morris Barnes and Jean Tebbetts

Once again we were treated to Sheila Morris Barnes’ beautiful singing voice and she was accompanied by the talents of Jean Tebbetts on the piano.  Jean did a marvelous job attending to every detail for the Mass.

Immediately following, we headed to Wolfert’s Roost for a delicious dinner and fellowship.  Alba Giordano worked tirelessly to make sure all of our needs were met.  Dinner was a delicious blend of pasta, salads, chicken and salmon.  There was no excuse to go away hungry! 

JLOC AHN Fall Dinner
Junior Ladies from Holy Names

Our guests included the President and Vice President of the Academy of the Holy Names Junior Ladies of Charity.  Stefania Bonanni and Grace Giambetti, respectively, spoke with us about why they enjoy being Junior Ladies and shared with us some of the work they have done in the past year.  It was inspiring to hear their words.

Our own Ladies offered brief commentary on why they enjoy the ministries in which they are involved.  Their descriptions at times made us laugh and at others reminded us why we work so hard at what we do.  A call for help with the Coats for the Community drive as well as the Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin-By World program garnered many volunteers.  It was heartwarming evening.


2019 National Assembly of the Ladies of Charity of the United States

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“Begin to Weave and God Will Provide the Thread:  Ladies of Charity in Action”

Kathy Kavanaugh

There were 150 Ladies of Charity from across the United States who gathered in their usual sense of love and acceptance of one another to celebrate the work of our associations and to strength the outcomes and enthusiasm for our work.  The 40 ladies of the two associations in Utah assisted by the other associations of the Western Region combined their efforts to present a truly successful assembly.   Programing was moving and outstanding and Salt Lake City was a charming venue.   Debbie Chadwick, LCUSA President presided over the Assembly with our opening Mass celebrated by Rev. Richard Gielow , CM, Spiritual Advisor of Ladies of Charity.  Oscar  A. Solis, Bishop of the Diocese of Salt Lake City, assisted and also warmly welcomed us.

I would highly recommend reading, soon to be on the LCUSA website, the presentation by  Sister Margaret Keaveney, DC , the first Plenary  Speaker:  “Begin to Weave and God will Provide the Thread.”  She spoke so powerfully of the Vincentian call to serve the poor, even when it might lead us outside of our comfort zone.  We must trust in God’s providential love for all of His people  and filial trust in his unending gift of thread to weave our Vincentian Tapestry as we serve the sick, the  poor and the marginalized.   We were asked to always follow Vincent’s admonition, “First the heart, and then the work.”  When we see and/or feel a need, we must reach out to do what we can to bring peace, comfort and justice. 

Sister Paule Freeburg, DC gave a wonderfully thorough and insightful account of the unbelievable  courage of Louise de Marillac in establishing the Daughters of Charity.  Vincent had asked her to establish an order of sisters who would serve the poor and marginalize “in the field”.  She successfully founded the first order which was not cloistered, amidst great opposition, but “weaving with God’s thread”.

Perhaps the most unique speaker was Joseph Raymond Lucero, from Home Boy Industries in Los Angeles.  He used his own story, “Escaping Gang Life through the help of God and Fr. Gregory Boyle, S.J.” to enlighten us about street life of troubled young people.   Joey was a third generation gang member whose family was also involved with heroin addiction. Beginning at age 9 he was in youth detention and state prisons for 12 of his first 26 years of life.  Currently, he does outreach as well as presentations for Home Boy  about  “change is possible”.  His message helps bring an awareness of the issues facing the formerly incarcerated.  Joey is also an actor known for Mayan M.C., Gridiron Gang, and Shameless. He received an enthusiastic standing ovation from the LOC.

We were treated to breakout sessions where we heard about four of the successful  outreach programs in Salt Lake City:  “Give Me a Chance”, “No One Dies Alone”, “Inn – Between”, and “Welfare Square”.

Advocacy Sign Nat'l 2019

The excellent advocacy work our own Marie Copeland was mentioned as the “posterchild” for other regions.  Her report was a popular take-away on the advocacy table.

We were not without many opportunities for fun:  captivating tours of the area, lunch with new and old friends, directed sharing at tables, fun competition during the silent auctions, visiting as we were weaving  tapestries that were taken home by four region vice presidents, some really fun square dancing  Friday, and following the Mass at the spectacular Diocesan Cathedral, a sumptuous farewell dinner  fostered wonderful friendships and so many happy memories.



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Photo courtesy of The Evangelist

Be sure to check out the article in the July 11 edition of The Evangelist entitled “Building ‘Bridges’ to a New Life” (pg. 8).  Read about the recent Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World graduates and how they are determined to succeed. 



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Getting Ahead Graduation 2019
Kathy Kavanaugh, Mary Clinton and Rosemary Revoir with graduates Charlotte Brown and Lisandra Sepulveda

On June 20, two women were celebrated as they graduated from the Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World program that is run through Bridges Out of Poverty.  The ceremony was held at the Watervliet Housing Authority.  Lisandra Sepulveda and Charlotte Brown spoke of their Future Stories, which were inspirational and heartwarming.  We wish them both the best of luck and offer our prayers for their success. 

Getting Ahead Graduate Charlotte
Kathy Kavanaugh and
Charlotte Brown
Getting Ahead Graduate Lisandro
Rosemary Revoir and Lisandra Sepulveda
“The grass isn’t greener on the other side.
It’s greener where you water it.”
Lisandra Sepulveda

AFRICAN FAIR with the Daughters of Charity

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The Daughters of Charity hosted the African Fair on June 14.  All items for sale were beautifully displayed as well as the baskets reserved for the raffle drawing.  The Ladies of Charity were generous in their donations of items to be sold, preparing two baskets for the raffle, taking chances to win those baskets, providing delicious goodies for the LOC baked goods table and offering their assistance with the baked goods sale. The Fair was a huge success with the Daughters raising over $7,000.  Proceeds from the Fair will be sent to three missionary sites in Africa where Daughters from their Province are working.  What a blessing!

Bake Sale Table 2019


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2019 New Members Installed with Bishop
New Members Installed on May 16, 2019

On Thursday, May 16, 2019, the Albany Association of the Ladies of Charity held their Installation Mass and dinner. The beautiful Mass was presided over by Bishop Edward Scharfenberger at the DePaul House chapel followed by a dinner at Wolfort’s Roost. Over 70 of our members attended and it was wonderful to enjoy good food and fellowship with so many of our Ladies.

Elizabeth Guiry, Martha Snyder, Beth McCrea and Geraldine Mazza were installed as new members and JoAnn Kearns, Kathleen Kearny and Mary Q. Reagan (deceased) were honored as Life Members. Congratulations to you all. We look forward to working with and getting to know our newest members and continuing our work and learning from our Life Members. We are blessed!


May Crowning

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May Crowning Photo 1
Crowning of the Blessed Mother
May Crowning Photo 2

On May 11, we held our annual May Crowning at the Daughters of Charity DePaul House Chapel.  We began our morning with a breakfast reception followed by Mass, which we all shared with the Sisters.  We crowned two Mary statues, one in the DePaul House Chapel and one in the St. Louise House courtyard. It was a beautiful celebration of Mary.