Week 1 Day 2 

Week # 1 – The Cup of Life
Day # 2 Reflection:
Hold the empty cup in your hands.

Notice the space within the cup.

Think of the space within yourself.

It is filled with the Divine Presence.

Draw near to this Loving Presence.

Sense this Loving Presence permeating your entire being.

Rest in silence and tranquility.

Listen to God say to you: “I am here.”
Day # 2 Prayer:
O Divine Presence, you have danced your way into my innermost being. O Mystery of Life, you have tended and nurtured me. You have enriched my spirit and watered my dryness. You have poured your abundant love into the veins of my soul. In the darkest of nights, you have surrounded me with your love. O Divine Presence, your radiant energy surges through my being. I bow to the profound mystery of your sacred life within me.
Several times during the day, I will quietly place my hand over my heart and remember with gratitude that God dwells within me.

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