Week 1 Day 3 

Week # 1 – The Cup of LifeDay # 3 – The Vessal of Loving Energy
Hold the cup in your hands.

Remember that the cup is a container.

Set the cup down in front of you.

Feel the pulse on your wrist and neck.

Visualize the blood pumping through your body.

See it sustaining your life, bringing you energy for growth.

Close your eyes and sense God’s goodness filling your spirit.

Picture God’s life pulsing through you.

Welcome God’s loving energy surging through your being.
Energizing and transforming God, the pulse of your presence fills my life with love. 

Remind me often that I cannot grow by my own efforts alone.

Thank you for the comfort and the freedom of knowing that it is your power working through me that creates growth in my spiritual life.
As I use any vessel today (a cup, glass, pot, a can of soda), I will remember that I am a vessel of God’s tremendous loving energy.

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