Week 1 Day 4

Week # 1 – The Cup of LifeDay # 4 – The Boundaries of the Cup
Hold the cup in your hands.

Touch the sides and the bottom of the cup.

Trace the outside of the cup with your fingers.

Run your fingers around the inside of the cup.

Close your eyes and imagine your spiritual boundaries.

Let yourself lean on God for awhile.

Ask for whatever boundaries are needed in your spiritual life.

Listen to God speak to you about these boundaries.
Help me to protect my relationship with you, God.

Grant me the vision to see what may need to be changed and the courage to take a stand for my own time and space.

May I value my spiritual life enough so that I will make good decisions in order to stay closely in touch with you.

May my quiet time with you enrich and enhance the rest of my day so that I am able to find you in every part of it.
I will make one decision regarding a boundary that will help protect my intentional time and place with God.

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