Week 1 Day 7

End of Week # 1 – The Cup of LifeDay # 7
The first week of our Retreat Countdown has come to an end. We hope that these emails 

have helped to enrich and enlighten you this past week.
We chose the book “The Cup of Our Life” by Joyce Rupp as the theme for our Spring 

Spiritual Day of Reflection because of the rich symbolism and imagery.
As Joyce Rupp has written in her own words:

“I have found the cup to be a powerful teacher for my inner life. The ordinariness of the cup reminds me that my personal transformation occurs in the common crevices of each day. The cup is an apt image for the inner processes of growth. The cup is a reminder of my spiritual thirst.”
Each of the six weekly themes in the book is based on the cup, a rich symbol of life with its emptiness and fullness, its brokenness and flaws, and its gifts and blessings. As you know from the emails you have received thus far, each day includes an imagery exercise using a cup, a prayer, and a practice to be carried out during the rest of the day.
A great way to end your first week would be to do the following:
1. Visit and review your past six days.

2. If you are journaling, highlight anything that particularly touched you this past week.

3. Draw a picture of a cup and let the size, shape, form, contents and message on it be symbolic of

What you experienced this week.
Thank you for being part of this special journey with us!

We wish you many blessings and a very rewarding five more weeks of 

“Retreat Countdown.”

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