Week 2 Day 1

Week # 2 – The Open Cup
Day # 1 – The Cluttered Cup
Sit quietly. Go within.

Look around inside.

See what clutters your life with God.

Then take your cup.

Imagine or picture this clutter being in your cup.

Lift the cup and turn it sideways.

Symbolically empty out the clutter of your inner life.

Now turn the cup back up and sit quietly.

Let the freedom of non-clutter pervade your spirit.

Try to feel the joy of a non-cluttered heart.
Shine the light of your love on my spirit, God.

Help me to see what gets in the way.

Grant me the strength to empty out my clutter.

Thank you for your power working through me.

May I walk into this day with a deeper awareness of our union.
Put your cup on its side and place a list (of the clutter in your life) halfway in and halfway out of the cup, as a sign of your desire to empty your life of unnecessary clutter. Try to discard one piece of clutter today.

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