Week 2 Day 2

Week # 2 – The Open CupDay # 2 – Space for Listening
Hold the cup in your open hands.

See how the cup sits there quietly.

Picture yourself in the Divine One’s hands.

Go to the stillness deep within yourself.

Allow yourself to be attentive.

Just “be” with God.

O God, you constantly try to get my attention. 

You stir and call in the most unlikely places of my life – people and situations that I dismiss as not being able to contain your presence. 

You beckon me to those corners of my inner being where I’ve yet to discover you. 

Open me so that I will not miss your presence today. 

Help me to learn how to “be” and to let go of my need to be swallowed in activity.
For one hour today I will be especially attentive to every piece of my life so that I will find God there.

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