Week 2 Day 3

Week # 2 – The Open CupDay # 3 – The Empty Cup
Look into your empty cup.

Hold the empty cup between your hands.

Look into the emptiness.

Abide with the emptiness.

Do not attempt to fill it with insights or feelings.

Open the door of your heart.

Go inside and be with God.
Jesus, you know what it is like to be totally emptied. 

Teach me the value of emptiness. 

Help me to not be frightened when my full cup is poured out.

Come with your strength, your peace and your hope.

Stand with me in my emptying times so that I will remain open and ready to grow.
I will fast (deliberately deprive myself of something such as food, drink, certain thoughts, reading or watching television) in order to remind myself of the need to “empty out.”

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