Week 2 Day 4

Week # 2 – The Open CupDay # 4- Readiness to Receive
Hold the empty cup in your hands.

Look at all the room your cup has for filling.

Picture the inner part of yourself.

Notice how much room there is for filling.

Hold the cup out before you in the gesture of a beggar.

Ask God to fill you.

Arise, go slowly, pour something in your cup (coffee, tea, water).

Come back and sit down.

Receive and enjoy the contents of the cup.
Gracious Giver, you have so much that you want to share with me. 

Help me to recognize and let go of my fears, misgivings, doubt, and apprehensions.

Remove any obstacles that keep me from being ready to receive what you desire for me.

May I be receptive to the outpouring of your love and your wisdom.
When others offer me help in any form, I will receive it graciously and with gratitude.

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