Week 2 Day 6

Week # 2 – The Open CupDay # 6- Solitude
Set your cup alone on a spot near you.

Clear away everything else.

Let this solitary cup call you to your own solitude.

Let go of what you expect to happen during this time.

Relax and repeat slowly: “God, you are enough for me.”

Smile as you repeat this wonderful truth.

Allow the message to be deep within you.
Beloved of my soul, I long to embrace you.

I savor the love which you offer to me.

I accept the challenges.

I receive the truths meant to transform me.

Grant me the courage to not run away.

I let go of my expectations and timetable.

May this solitude influence the totality of my life.
I will carry my solitude time into the rest of my day. I will receive each part of the day from God.

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