Week 2 Day 7

Week # 2 – The Open CupDay # 7 – Review of the week
1. Review the past week.

2. Make note of anything that you found touching.

3. Make a point for the coming week to be attentive to your breathing as you go through each day’s reflection and prayer.
We have come to the end of the week of “The Open Cup.” Being open is a prerequisite for spiritual growth. In order for God to enter our lives fully, we must be ready to receive. The door to our inner self must be wide open. Our mind and heart need to be receptive so that we can hear and receive what God is offering us. 
Sometimes we may be open but not have much room to receive due to the inner clutter that claims a lot of mental and emotional space. 
We hope that this week you pondered your openness and took some steps to empty out anything that might be keeping your spiritual cup from being filled. 
May you continue to open the space within yourself that is waiting to be filled with the radiance of God.

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