Week 3 Day 2

Week # 3 – The Chipped CupDay # 2- The Shadow of the Cup
Set your cup in a place where it casts a shadow, either by your candle or under a lamp.

Gaze upon the cup and its shadow.

Let what you see speak to you about your life.

Place your hand in the shadow of the cup.

Ask God to help you befriend your unknown realm and to learn from this part of yourself.
Guide and Companion of my life, take me to the hidden places of my shadow where both wanted and unwanted qualities dwell.

Grant me the courage to face my inner enemies.

Help me to learn from them.

Fill me with light to see the undeveloped aspects within me that long to be lived.

May I accept any goodness that I have heretofore refused to believe is a part of myself.

Fill me with love for who I am.
When I see the shadows of physical things, I will ask God to help me know and accept my inner shadow.

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