Week 3 Day 4

Week # 3 – The Chipped CupDay # 4 – The Cup of Mercy
Remember one of the failures of your life.

Write a word for this failure on a small piece of paper.

Place this paper in your cup, symbolic of your self.

Hold the cup in your hands.

Notice any emotions you have as your hold the failure.

Ask to receive God’s understanding and mercy.

Listen quietly to God’s response.

Then take out the piece of paper and tear it to shreds as a sign of your letting go of this failure.
Wellspring of Mercy, you welcome me home.

You understand my human failings.

You embrace me in my incompleteness.

You help me move on from failures and defeat.

How good and gracious is your kindness to me.
I will greet myself mercifully at least once today.

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