Week 3 Day 5

Week # 3 – The Chipped CupDay # 5 – Which Cup is Best?
Find another cup and set it alongside of yours.

Sit quietly, looking at the two cups.

Enjoy the uniqueness of each cup.

Reflect on your own originality.

Think of yourself with others.

Bring any comparison and competition to God.

Listen to God’s message to you.

Offer gratitude to God for who you are.
When I look longingly at the gifts of others and forget or deny my own gifts from you, God, lead me to accept myself as I am.

When I constantly compare myself to another, grant me an appreciation for my own distinct personhood.

When I get caught in my envy, jealousy, gossip or rejection of myself or others, draw me back to you and teach me more about the love you have for each of us.
I will not envy others or compete with them.

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