Week 3 Day 7

Week # 3 – The Chipped CupDay # 7 – Review of the past week
We have come to the end of Week # 3, which means we are halfway through our six-week Spiritual Retreat. 
The first week we explored the concept of “the cup of life.” As we reflected on the symbolism of the cup, we thought about our own uniqueness as one of God’s creations. As we used our cups the first week, we were reminded that just as our cup is a vessel, we are vessels of God’s tremendous loving energy. 
Week 2 made us think about “the open cup” which can be filled, but only when it is emptied of clutter. This presented us with the questions of how we may best make room in our lives for our relationship with God.
This past week, “the chipped cup” was a very good reminder that one need not be perfect in order to have a rewarding spiritual journey. We were asked to not criticize ourselves because of our flaws, but rather to look at them and see what they can tell us about our relationship with God and with others.
As you prepare for the second half of our journey, you may want to do the following:
1. Visit and review your past six days.

2. Highlight anything that stood out this past week.

3. Think back over the past three weeks and take note of how you are feeling today, especially if you feel differently than when we began this journey together.

4. Consider journaling about your retreat experience. Journaling is not about writing well or a lot, it is about connecting and integrating what we have prayed and recording it for memory’s sake as well as for greater clarification.
Tomorrow we will begin our examination of “the broken cup” and what we may do to begin the mending process.

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