Week 4 Day 1

Week # 4 – The Broken CupDay # 1 – Joy and Sorrow
Pick up your cup and look inside.

Visualize a deep joy of yours in the cup.

Now, visualize a deep pain of yours also in the cup.

Let these two be there, intermingled into oneness.

Hold the cup to your heart.

Let this gesture be a willingness of yours to accept and to learn from both joy and sorrow.
God of joy and sorrow, help me to do less judging of my life experiences as “good” or “bad” and to do more receiving of them as a part of the process of spiritual growth.

I trust that you will be my faithful companion and that you will strengthen me during my difficult times. Help me to grow through all of the seasons of my life.
I will look for and listen to what joy and sorrow are teaching me.

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