Week 4 Day 2

Week # 4 – The Broken CupDay # 2 – The Cup of Suffering
Lift the cup turned sideways from the table.

Hold it in your hands, still turned on its side.

Think about your life choices and commmitments.

Which ones have brought, or are bringing, pain to you?

As you hold the cup, hold the pain which comes as a consequence of your choices and decisions.

Open your inner being to the Beloved.

Receive the power you need to accept the consequences of your choices.
Jesus, happiness and struggle were constantly woven through your life. 

Why is it that I want the joy, the glory, the good stuff, but I don’t want the sorrow, the pain, the struggle?

Strengthen me and guide me when crosses such as anxiety, struggle, heartache, loneliness, sadness, time-crunches, and frustrations pervade my days.

Deepen my desire to be your disciple.
Each time I take a drink of any liquid, I will say YES to the consequences of my life-choice and decisions.

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