Week 4 Day 3

Week # 4 – The Broken CupDay # 3 – My Cup of Tears
Hold the cup upright in your hands.

Look upon it as a cup that holds tears.

Let the cup represent your own pain and tears or the pain and tears of someone you know.

Envision God’s hands around your hands as you hold the cup of tears.

Allow this Compassionate Presence to give comfort to you or to another who is in pain.
Prayer (to be prayed for yourself or for another in pain):
Sheltering Presence, come with your comforting embrace and catch my tears with your compassionate love. 

Be near with your protecting refuge.

Heal the place within me that cries out to be freed from pain.

Hold my close to you and hear my yearning for peace.
When I use a cup or glass today, I will be aware of how God catches the tears of those who hurt and holds them with care.

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