Week 4 Day 5

Week # 4 – The Broken CupDay # 5 – Recognizing Resistances
Hold your cup in your hands.

Place one hand over the open space of the cup.

Reflect on your resistances and refusals.

How do these block your openness to growth?

Picture yourself in God’s hands.

Loosen your grip on your worries and insecurities.

Listen to God speak to you about trust.

Take your hand off your cup.

Notice how ready it is now to receive. 

Hold the cup to your heart.

Stand and make a deep bow as a sign of your surrender to God.
God of truth, help me to discover my resistances to my growth. 

Shine your light on my illusions. 

Uncover my fears. 

Reveal my strongholds. 

Soften my grip on my security.

Open my closedness.

Lead me to greater freedom and inner healing.
I will notice the excuses I make for avoiding things I dislike doing, and then I will do one of these things that I dislike.

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