Week 4 Day 6 

Week # 4 – The Broken CupDay # 6 – The Mended Cup
Turn the cup sideways in your hands.

Picture your old wounds and hurts in it.

Mentally take them out, one by one.

Give them into the Divine Healer’s hands.

Now hold the cup upright in your hands.

Think about the broken pieces that have been mended.

Thank God for these mending times.

Ask for patience and hope.
God of healing, help me to mend the broken pieces of my life.

Direct my mind and heart to sources of hope and healing.

Let me not forget all that remains for me as I ponder what has gone from my life.

Be my vision and my strength. 

Anoint me with the oil of your love and take my hand as I move forward into ever greater healing.
I will wear a Band-Aid as a sign of my trust in God to heal whatever is broken in my life and a thank-you for what has already been healed.

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