Week 5 Day 4

Week # 5- The Cup of CompassionDay # 4 – The Cup of Sacrifice
Stand with the cup in your hands.

Visualize yourself with God’s compassion filling your soul with love.

Then picture someone (or a group) who hurts.

Imagine what the pain must be like.

Let your loving care and concern go to them.

Stand at the foot of their cross.

Send hope and courage to them.
Mary, woman of sorrows, your son’s life was filled with compassion. 

Your life teaches me to suffer with others even when it costs me to do so.

May I be there at the foot of the cross of the suffering ones of this world in the loving way that you were at the foot of the cross of Jesus.

May I learn from your love how to be a loving person.
I will offer thanks for someone who paid a price for offering compassion to me. 

I will place myself beneath the cross of another who needs my compassion.

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