Week 5 Day 5

Week # 5 – The Cup of CompassionDay # 5 – Pouring From The Cup
Hold the cup in your hands.

Look and see all the space it has for filling.

Visualize God pouring love into your heart.

Picture your heart filled with this love.

Bring to mind someone who is suffering.

Let the love within you go out to this person.

Picture your love poured out profusely, filling this person’s whole being.

Sit in silence and be at peace.
O God, you turn my meager offerings into golden treasures.

Let me not be hesitant when you ask for my love in the form of compassion.

You are so abundant in your compassion for me.

May I be as generous with others.

May the measure of compassion I give be the measure of compassion returned to me.
I will pour generously from my cup of love and kindness today.

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