Week 5 Day 6

Week # 5 – The Cup of CompassionDay # 6 – The Gift of Be-ing
Look at the cup before you.

Notice how simply it sits there but also how you are “with” the cup as you gaze upon it.

Intentionally recall the Divine Compassion within you.

Gather to your heart the pain of someone you know.

Be with this person and with the pain.

Do not try to “do” anything other than “be”.

Be deeply and intimately bonded with this person.
God of compassion, when I hesitate to be with another, strengthen me. When I question the quality of my presence, assure me. 

When I want to show my worth through action, humble me. 

When I miss the needs of the one who suffers, awaken me. 

When I forget the beauty of a loving presence, remind me. 

When I run away from the call to be there, bring me back.
Just to be is a blessing.
I will be present to another without charging into action.

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