End of Week Five

We have completed the 5th week of our Retreat Countdown. This past week we have focused on “the cup of compassion”. In Joyce Rupp’s book, compassion is referred to as “the quality of being able to get inside the skin of another in order to respond with loving care and concern.” Did this week’s reflections and prayers help you to ‘get inside the skin of another’? As we got to the end of the week, we were reminded that compassion is sometimes simply “being” with someone to experience with them their pain, suffering and powerlessness. Sometimes compassion means “doing” something, giving of our time and our resources to help another. An important part of our journey is to remember that sometimes compassion means “receiving graciously” from another who has need of our receptivity and our vulnerability. 
Now that we are approaching the date reserved on our calendars for our Spiritual Day of Reflection and have just one week left to “prepare”, are you wondering if you have prayed these past five weeks well enough? Are you doubting the value and worth of your daily practice? If you are, remember that prayer is not about progress and results or about feeling good. Prayer is about relating with God and having this relationship make a difference in the way we live our lives. Prayer is the intention of our hearts to commune with God. May you continue to renew that intention each day and look forward to the culmination of our retreat countdown when we spend the day together next Thursday.

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