Week 6 Day 2

Week # 6 – The Blessing CupDay # 2 – The Memory Cup
Hold the blessing cup in your hands.

Let it be filled with memories.

Choose one memory of love and happiness.

Let this memory pervade your entire being.

Receive the renewed inner strength it offers you.

Write a word for this memory on a piece of paper.

Place the word in your memory cup today.

Thank God for this memory.
O Memory Giver, thank you for the storehouse of good memories that is mine.

May these blessed memories give me hope and inspiration for my spiritual journey.

I ask this day that the touch of your goodness, your blessings, be with…(name those you especially want to bless). 

Thank you for your blessings.
I will carry one blessed memory in my heart and let it sustain me with happiness and peace.

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