Week 6 Day 4

Week # 6 – The Blessing CupDay # 4 – Disguised Blessings
Take your cup in your hands.

Stand and face the East, the direction of awakening, of insight, of new life.

Hold out your cup to God, the Wisdom-Giver.

Receive the wisdom from your disguised blessings.

Then hold the cup to your heart.

Stand for several minutes in quiet union with God.
Holy Wisdom, come with your vast vision.

Help me to sift through the rubble of my trying times, to find the teachings that can guide my life.

You who see far beyond the devastation, lead me to believe that there might be gifts in what I want to toss away.

I offer you my gratitude for all the disguised blessings that are mine.

If an unwanted experience occurs today, I will not toss it out until I struggle to find a blessing in it.

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