Week 6 Day 6

Week # 6 – The Blessing CupDay # 6 – The Greatest Blessing
Put your hands around the cup.

Imagine yourself enfolded in God’s hands.

Let the beauty of God sing in you.

Let the comfort of God wrap around you.

Let the goodness of God draw you closer.

Let the generosity of God open you to the world.

Let the love of God bring you peace.

Remain enfolded in this eternal beauty for as long as you can.
Stand with arms outstretched and eyes wide open. 

Speak aloud all the names and qualities of God that come to your mind and heart. 

Let this be a litany of praise and thanksgiving for the gift of God in your life. 

When your litany is completed, fold your hands across your heart and bow your head in honor and reverence.
I will place my hand over my heart, united with God’s beauty in my soul and in my world, and give thanks.

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